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"Fran is exceptionally good at managing projects in every phase from problem definition to the development of a solution to applying the right remedies. He proved that with me, with the County (during the Y2K timeframe) and with the Airport Authority."
Sam Runyon



CAD Technologies is a Pittsburgh based full service Internet website design and hosting company. At CAD Technologies, we take pride in being people-oriented Internet specialists, with a broad corporate background. We provide the summit of quality in web site design, graphics design, website hosting, search engine placement, technical support and all the various supporting details necessary for a web-based presence. So whether you are interested in a site design from scratch, or a re-design of an existing site, CAD Technologies will be glad to work with you to determine the optimum site design for your needs.

In developing an Internet presence, your company may choose from a variety of Internet services. CAD Technologies will work with you and, based on your specific objectives, develop a custom Internet strategy for your company and products. Our combination of business and technical skills will be invaluable to your business!

We look forward to working with you as your partner to the Internet. For more information, please contact us at (412) 952-6168.